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Our Culinary Journey

Levain was founded to provide Ilfracombe and North Devon with a relaxed and inviting space to enjoy modern European flavours, a few drinks and even more smiles.

Levain has been created as a forum for us to share all that we love about food and drink with the people of the world. We would be honoured if you would join us.

Hannah was born into Ilfracombe folklore and a hospitality dynasty. Her father became a living legend over seventeen years at the helm of "Settantanove". Hannah has spent time living in Paris and Barcelona, soaking up all that they have to offer, ready to shine her light on Ilfracombe High Street.

Glenn has twenty years experience in hospitality and a genuine passion for food and wine. Glenn strives to impart big flavours into our menu and insists on creating all elements from scratch.

Why "Levain"?.... We thought long and hard to come up with a name that encapsulated our values (and that we were both happy with!). Levain means "any agent used to make dough rise", it also means "someone or something that encourages progress or change".

Glenn previously owned a bakery, our premises were the setting for Settantanove.

Levain seems to fit.

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